Music happenings in and around Sonoma County – 10/4 – 10/7

It seems there is a different rock legend playing in Sonoma County each weekend, and this one is no different, except we have a bunch of them, and playing at one of the most intimate concert venues you will see them play. We also have a few excellent cover acts that will keep you dancing the night away.

Friday, Oct. 5, – Sugarfoot
Saturday, Oct. 6, – Crossfire


Both these bands will keep you dancing all night to songs you know. Sugarfoot is a seven-piece act that plays everything from Journey to Prince, with most of the songs being from the contemporary rock genre. Crossfire is a nine-piece act that will play songs you know, but more towards the Motown and soul genres, with a little rock thrown in for good measure

Venue – Flamingo Hotel – Santa Rosa707-545-8530




Friday, Oct. 5 – Pat Jordan Band

Like many a musician, the Pat Jordan Band started in a garage, in living rooms, backyards, by lakes and on beaches and has grown into a powerful five-piece acoustic-rock band. With a sound carved from hundreds of live shows, and constant drive to evolve and progress, the act has developed a devoted following spanning from coast to coast, and a style all their own.

Venue – HopMonk Tavern – Sebastopol707- 829-7300


Saturday – Sunday, Oct. 5 – 6, – Doobie Brothers and more

Doobie Brothers

For 26 years, winemaker and philanthropist Bruce Cohn has been putting on the charity concert fundraiser and has raised more than $6 million for local non-profits and veterans groups. Cohn started his musical career as manager of the Doobie Brothers back in the ‘70s, and continues today. Saturdays show features the Doobie Brothers with Michael McDonald, Buddy Guy, WAR, the Turtles, Lara Johnston and Scars on 45. Sundays show has the Doobie Brothers and friends, Kenny Loggins, Dave Mason, the Turtles, Zen Road Pilots, Tyronne Wells and Pat Simmons Jr. Tickets for both days will be available at the door but there is no parking at the winery. Follow the signs around Glen Ellen and for more info, point your browser to

B. R. Cohn Winery – Glen Ellen – 707-938-4064, ext. 124


Saturday, Oct. 6, – Sam Andrew Band

Sam Andrew was a founding member of Big Brother and the Holding Company, the band that backed Janis Joplin. Andrew and original band mate, James Gurley, have produced some of the greatest psychedelic guitar solos of all time. In February of 1997, Guitar Player magazine listed Andrew and Gurleys work on “Summertime” as one of the top ten Psychedelic solos in music history.

Venue – Last Day Saloon – Santa Rosa707-545-5876


Saturday, Oct. 6, – Loosely Covered

This four-piece act is exactly what the bands name suggests, loose versions of cover songs that you’ll probably know after the first verse or so. The band likes to put their own signature on the songs and will sometimes even take a hard rocker and put an acoustic twist to it. The venue is a new one in town, which we’ve yet to get to. If you make it, leave a comment below.

Venue – Sprenger’s Tap Room – Santa Rosa707544-8277


Sunday, Oct. 7, – New Skye

We actually saw this act for the first time in a tasting room in Sonoma valley playing a wine club party and were very impressed with the playing and the quality of the vocals. The act is primarily amplified acoustic playing songs from the Great American Songbook along with contemporary acoustic classics. With a bit of country, Americana, folk and bluegrass, the act is an easy listen, but you just might get up and dance..

Venue – Mavericks – Santa Rosa707- 544-1562