Sonoma Valley Music Scene 10-7-10

This was a fun show to do.. really wish I had 2 hours.. lots of great music to play from the SVMS Music Library. Hopefully some live interviews from the Cohn shows this weekend but tonights show is all music….


Band        –     Album         –           Song

Dr. Joel Rudinow – Rude Notes Galore – Rock and Roll Doctor

ETA – Orange and Blue – Goodbye Shirt

Norton Buffalo – Lovin in the Valley of the Moon – Eighteen Wheels

Jeff Falconer – Complicated World – To Live Here

Rich Little – Band Blend – Roll Me Over

Gale Mead – Letters Home – Keep me in your Heart

Whitney Lockert – Demo – Rupert Murdoch

Hobo Jungle – Roundabout – In Between

Boyan Radoslavov – Demo – 2011/Symbiosis

Points North – Demo – Jubilee

Static People – Demo – Just Back Down

Tri Tip Trio – 3 of a Kind – Mojo Workin’

Wingin’ It – Attunement – The Crush is on