The first Indie104 show – 1/21/10

The show is back, just one hour, so if you missed it at 9 p.m. on Thursday, you can catch it here at 10 p.m., right after it airs live. Still working out the live guest portion, but some great Sonoma Valley music to be had..

NEW~~ The Playlist

Band – Album – Song

Gary Wm. Koehler – Last Voyage – Shooting Star

The Magflies – Magflies – Tried to Reach You

John Burdick – Somewhere – Hangin’ On

Bonedrivers – Roadhouse Manifesto – Live to Ride

Jamie Clark – Songs from the West Side – Lonley Love

Jaydub & Dino – Porch Groove – Darlin’ Look My Way

Michael L. Castle – Live @ Adobenet – Ghost Highway

Points North – Demo – Jubilee

Boyan Radosolov – untitled – 2011

Natasha James – Tequila Time – Tequila Time

Mike Lounibos – Planet California – Planet California

Dave Hamilton – Backroads of my Mind – Backroads of my Mind

Hellhounds – Back to Sonoma – Back to Sonoma

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