Sonoma Valley Music Scene – 4/1/10

Well, believe it or not, today is the sixth anniversary of our first show to air on KSVY 91.3 FM in Sonoma back in 2004. We’ve come a long way and aren’t looking back.. Todays show is another good one.. we have a live interview from Wildflower Weed  and a tune as well.. Kick back, have some Sonoma Valley wine and check out the tunes..


Band        –     Album         –           Song

Dirt Road – Haunted – Mt. Zion Road

Natasha James – Sampler – If you think this is Love

10 Foot Tone – Elevate – Flickerbean

The Ducks – Demo – Rainy day feeling

Rebel Rocket – End of the Ride – Addicted

Toast Machine – Rock Wattage – The Funky Song

Wildflower Weed – Live at Mondo – Annabelle

Solid Air – Local Color – Troublemaker

Stephanie Ozer – O Comezo – Rio

Michael L. Castle – Walkin’ Blues – Bluesmen

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