Sonoma Valley Music Scene – 3/18/10

This will be billed the ‘Uh’ show.. I apparently have fallen back into the habit of saying ‘Uh’ instead of just saying nothing.  A wise guitar player once said, “the blank space between all the notes you play will be more relevant than all the notes you do play” .. or something like that.. I have to get command of that space again.. but this show may have one of the best segues of all time.. see if you can find it.. I’ll enable comments on this post. If you listened to us over the last 5 years on terrestrial radio, you know I live for the segue.. We have a live interview from the Whiskey Thieves and some great tunes. We also have a new sponsor.. Loudmouth Golf.  Check them out..


Band        –     Album         –           Song

Gale Mead – Common Good – Hope Mountain

Jami Jamison band – Demo – Wild Women

Sue Albano and Mark Dennis – Songs You Know – If Lovin you is Wrong

Hobo Jungle – Roundabouts – In Between

Wingin’ It – Attunement – Love me Like you Do

Solcats – Shake the cage – Are you with Me?

Live interview – Whiskey Thieves

Whiskey Thieves – Almost Time – Last 10 days

Gary Wm. Koehler – Last Voyage – Shooting Star

Steve Dudgeon – Demo – ?

EZ Kewl – EZ Does It – On the Plaza

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