Sonoma Valley Music Scene – 2/25/10

This show is strictly music, but we do get pretty far out there for a while..


Band        –     Album         –           Song

Righteous Fists of Harmony – Before the Walls – Shine on

Magflies – Magflies – Year of the Jackel

Black Cab – Beyond the Flesh – Song of Dee

Ruthie Allen Lincoln – Scorpio Moon – Daydreamer

Joe Chaplain – Icarus – Around Every Corner

Jack Hines – Yearning for the Sun – Animal Party

Jaydub & Dino – Porch Groove – This kind of Love

John Salz – Finally Done – Someway, Somehow

Black Point String Band – Demo – Side of the Road

Willard Blackwell – Colors of my Soul – Colors of my Soul

Kimrea and the Dreamdogs – Monday night at the No Name – You are the One

Armin Winter – Nine Lives – Brand New Day

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