Sonoma Valley Music Scene – 2/18/10

This week we have a live interview and performance from Steve Dudgeon and his quintet from the Vinolivo event last weekend.  Also some new sponsors.. hit their sites on the right..


Band – Album – Song

Don Trotta – Demo – Born to Rock and Roll

David Sydney Scott – Saxophone Pennywhistle – Rip this Joint

Astral Kitchen – Astral Kitchen – Sense of Doubt

Carter/Bodlovich – Shadow out of Time – The Nihilist

Sukhawat Ali Khan – Shukriya

Cavemen – Pleiades – Pumraw

Adam Traum – Meant to Be – Devil’s Band

Indian Valley Line – Peggy Sonoma and a Boxcar – Old Man

David Thom Band – The Thief – Stone Walls and Steel Bars

Gary Wm. Koehler – Nowhere to be Found – Get a life

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