Sonoma Valley Music Scene – 1/28/10

Dimitra Smith joins us and gives us a peek into what’s going on with Static People.


Band – Album – Song

Geb Rault Band – Yin Yang from the Mire – Be Free

Ten Foot Tone – Elevate – Time is not Money

Rude Notes Galore – Joel Rudinow – Rock & Roll Doctor

Marty O’ Reilly – Live from Sonoma Community Center – Electric Chair Blues

Rock Bottom Blues – Standin’ Dry – Valley of the Moon

Dirt Road – haunted – Mt. Zion Rd. ( Electric)

Static People – Demo – Just sank Down

The Bodies – Addicted to You – Addicted to you

Steve Dudgeon Quartet – Demo – ?

Brian Nova – Shadow of your Smile – Shadow of your Smile

Jeff Falconer – Complicated World – To Live Here

Gale Mead – Common Good – Hope Mountain

EZ Kewl – EZ Does it – Bacon Stoned

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