Sonoma Valley Music Scene – 3/25/10

This week we have a live interview from Paul Barrere of Little Feat, who was nice enough to call in earlier in the week. We started this show out rockin’ and then got a little crazy then wrapped it up with Jeff Falconer giving us something to think about.


Band        –     Album         –           Song

Astral Kitchen – Diabolic Design – Diabolic Design

The Smokin’ Jaze – We Be Smokin’ – Wakin up with the Blues

Jeff Gilbert – I’m Old fashioned – Ain’t that a kick in the Head

Michel Saga – Paris  Cabaret – Salut Les Amoureux

Sachiko Kanenobu – Misora – Look up- The Sky is Beautiful

Gerard Serafini – Acoustic Fiction – Spideys Goodbye

Little Feat – Join the Band – Oh Atlanta (w/Chris Robinson)

Mike Lounibous – Full Tank of Love – More between You and Me

Jamie Clark – Demo – Lonely Love

Jeff Falconer – High Road to Doomsday – Act like you Care

Sonoma Valley Music Scene – 3/18/10

This will be billed the ‘Uh’ show.. I apparently have fallen back into the habit of saying ‘Uh’ instead of just saying nothing.  A wise guitar player once said, “the blank space between all the notes you play will be more relevant than all the notes you do play” .. or something like that.. I have to get command of that space again.. but this show may have one of the best segues of all time.. see if you can find it.. I’ll enable comments on this post. If you listened to us over the last 5 years on terrestrial radio, you know I live for the segue.. We have a live interview from the Whiskey Thieves and some great tunes. We also have a new sponsor.. Loudmouth Golf.  Check them out..


Band        –     Album         –           Song

Gale Mead – Common Good – Hope Mountain

Jami Jamison band – Demo – Wild Women

Sue Albano and Mark Dennis – Songs You Know – If Lovin you is Wrong

Hobo Jungle – Roundabouts – In Between

Wingin’ It – Attunement – Love me Like you Do

Solcats – Shake the cage – Are you with Me?

Live interview – Whiskey Thieves

Whiskey Thieves – Almost Time – Last 10 days

Gary Wm. Koehler – Last Voyage – Shooting Star

Steve Dudgeon – Demo – ?

EZ Kewl – EZ Does It – On the Plaza

Sonoma Valley Music Scene – 3/11/10

This week we have a live interview with Sue Albano and Mark Dennis as well as a song recorded live from the Arts Guilds recent opening. We hit the blues side of town as well and start of with one of Sonoma Valleys legends of music.


Band        –     Album         –           Song

Norton Buffalo – Lovin in the Valley of the Moon – 18 Wheels

Rich Little – Band Blend – Roll me over Juliet

Gator Beat – Lucky Stars – Lucky Stars

Hellhounds – Back to Sonoma – Landlord Blues

Michael L. Castle – Bluesman – Me and the Devil

Marty O’Reilly – Live at SCC – ?

John Burdick – Somewhere – Junkie Boys

10 Foot Tone – Elevate – Castaway Cans

Indian Valley Line – Peggy Sonoma and a Boxcar – Sister Rosetta

Points North – Demo – The Phoenix (home version)

Sonoma Valley Music Scene – 3/4/10

This week we have a couple sets from the ladies of Sonoma Valley.. and a big music announcement, so check it out..


Band        –     Album         –           Song

eta – Orange & Blue – Goodbye Shirt

Rich Little – Demo – Skydiver

Hazerfan – Lost Nowhere – Orientation

Jessie Bridges – Crew Girls – Fearless

Arianna Silva – Demo – Broken Wing

Aria Cetola – Live @ KSVY – Carey

Gale Mead – Letters Home – Keep me in your Heart

Dana Land – Servin it up – Chickens

Jewel Mathieson – Lighten Up – We’ve come to be danced

Static People – Just Sank Down

Bunkersound – Demo – Skateboard Sacrafice

Wingin’ it – Attunement – Give Yourself to Love

Sonoma Valley Music Scene – 2/25/10

This show is strictly music, but we do get pretty far out there for a while..


Band        –     Album         –           Song

Righteous Fists of Harmony – Before the Walls – Shine on

Magflies – Magflies – Year of the Jackel

Black Cab – Beyond the Flesh – Song of Dee

Ruthie Allen Lincoln – Scorpio Moon – Daydreamer

Joe Chaplain – Icarus – Around Every Corner

Jack Hines – Yearning for the Sun – Animal Party

Jaydub & Dino – Porch Groove – This kind of Love

John Salz – Finally Done – Someway, Somehow

Black Point String Band – Demo – Side of the Road

Willard Blackwell – Colors of my Soul – Colors of my Soul

Kimrea and the Dreamdogs – Monday night at the No Name – You are the One

Armin Winter – Nine Lives – Brand New Day