Are you interested in advertising on the Sonoma Valley Music Scene?

During the initial ramp-up, we have ad space available for as little as three dollars a day.

What does 3 dollars a day buy you?

  • A custom 30+ second sponsor mention on each show, like the one below.
  • Exposure to over 50,000 listeners on the indie104 Thursday night slot, in addition to the on-demand area.
  • A logo and link from the podcast site,, like on the right.
  • My sincere appreciation 🙂

The Thursday night show airs immediately following the most popular show on indie104, the Kevin Smith show, which attracts over 500,000 online listeners world-wide. The show is rebroadcast in a Tuesday morning slot, where a typical listening audience is in the thousands. The current weeks show is also available in the on-demand area of indie104.  The Sonoma Music site is trending upward quickly,  with average monthly visitor traffic of  over 1500 viewers  and over 2500 page views. The site also currently ranks #4 on page one of a google search for ‘sonoma music’ and is trending upward.

So here’s the deal. $100 buys you a 1 month partnership with the show. The agreement can be canceled at the end of any month, before the last day of the month. We are currently offering 1 month terms, but for the right offer, we could cement a longer relationship.

Hit us on the contact form to the right and we’ll get back to you. Thanks for supporting the show and Sonoma Valley Musicians.

You can also just donate any amount below just because you like what we’re doing. It’s not tax deductible, but know that it helps the show keep going.